Argan Oil and Aloe Vera Facial Soap

Liquid cleansers are a wonderful way to cleanse your skin gently, while leaving it delicately scented with the soft aromas of essential oils. Accompanied by Organic Argan oil and mixture of essential oils this plant based face wash is just right for you! Liquid Soap contains Squalane, which is naturally extracted from the Olive for natural emollient and antioxidant properties and is suitable from dry and sensitive to oily and acne prone skin. It hydrates, moisturises the skin with its super light and non-greasy texture.

Ingredients: Organic Liquid Castile Soap, Aloe Vera Gel, Argan Oil, Glycerin, Rosewood Ess Oil, Clary Sage Ess Oil

INCI : Castile, Aloe Barbadensis  , Argania spinose, Rosa canina, Salvia sclarea, Glycerin.

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