Rejuvenating Face Lift Massage

Facial Pressure Point Organ Reflex areas     
The practice of facial rejuvenation originates from Indian Ayrvedic medicine that evolved 5000 years ago.
Facial rejuvenation massage is non-invasive approach to younger and more vibrant looking skin. Gentle touch moves excess lymphatic fluids, exfoliates skin and balance chakras energy. Working on chakras helps to encourage the flow of the body's natural energy, known as prana in Hindi. In Ayurveda blockages in the flow of this energy cause symptoms of pain, fatigue and diseases.
This practice referred as Natural Face Lift reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sagging and eases puffiness.
Facial rejuvenation can also be used to relieve localized problems such as sinusitis and headaches, to promote relaxation and to alleviate the symptoms of stress.
45 min - £60
Course of 3 x 45min - £150 (normal price £180)
Course of 6 x 45min - £300 (normal price £360)
 For the best result the course of 6 treatments (recommended) should be completed within 2 months of the first massage.
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