Babushka’s Recipes

3 Simple Facial Oils Recipes

To make your own favourite facial oil is very simple, just follow 3 steps: get 30ml dark glass bottle, choose your base oil and pour 2/3 , add bonus oil (1/3) and 7drops essential oils. Here is 3 most affordable recipes for healthier radiant looking skin.

Hempseed Oil/Argan Oil/ Jojoba Oil - 2/3

Seabackthorne oil/ Evening Primrose oil/ Rosehip Oil - 1/3

   4-7 drops your favourite essential oils




Finally summer is almost upon us!! It means high pollen, UV lights and occasional wind and rain, which means taking extra care of our skin and let’s not forget about the hair.
Here is Babushka’s recipe for healthy looking hair, using one of the most popular product in our kitchen: potato.

Freshly squeezed potato juice is hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory, and excellent for all types of hair for restoring the shine and strength, especially popular during summer time to prevent from breaking and splitting ends.

Potato is very rich on vitamins B group, which stimulating the growth , Vitamin C is for strengthening, chrome is lowering the risk of splitting ends and protein and amino acids are the vital for making your hair elastic and strong.

1 raw potato, 2 tbs grated horse reddish, 3 tbs olive oil, 2tbs linseed oil, 10 drops sandalwood essential oil, 2 egg yoks. Grated potato and horse reddish combine with 2 egg yoks, warm up add olive and linseed oil, combine all together, lastly add sandalwood essential oil. Apply mask on dry hair from the roots down to 1-2 inches, spread some olive oil on the ends of hair. Put clingfilm and some towel to keep it warm. Leave for 30 min and wash as usual.

Essential Top 5

Before the Iron curtain came down and beauty products from all over the world populated the post USSR market, we Russian women had to do with what we had at hand. Most specifically many natural recipes for glowing skin and shiny hair and healthy nails were researched and vast beautiful land rich in variety of flowers, trees, leaves and berries- the best the earth had to offer.

Below I present the essential “top 5” –most popular “make at home” recipes which I called Babushka’s ( Grandma’s) recipes.

For shiny, healthy looking hair

Ingredients: 2 bananas+ 1tbs lemon juice+ 1egg yolk

Method: mash it and mix it together, apply on wet hair, wrap some cling film to keep it warm, keep for 30 min, or longer if you like and wash it off normally, but use 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar diluted in 1litre of water as a conditioner.

And there you have it, wonderful, shiny and lavish hair!

Gardeners Hands

Ingredients: 1 litre of warm water, 2tbs of sea salt, soak your hands for a while, then mix 1 egg yolk + 1tbs honey + 1tbs olive oil

Method: spread it onto your hands, leave it for 20min, and wash it with warm water, (glass of wine while you are waiting is optional but highly recommended! All little scars are healing in a few days.

Happy Gardening Everyone!

Summer Body Scrub

Ingredients: 200g any salt of your liking, dead sea salt is the best in my opinion, 100g coconut oil ( or any of your liking), 10-15drops of your favourite essential oils, mine would be lavender or orange, depends of the mood.

Method: Put the salt in the bowl, poor half of the oil in and mix well. Add essential oils and little by little the remaining oil to get the right consistency, it shouldn't be runny, just moist enough to hold together. Scrub your body in circular motions with cloth or your hands, starting with your ankles going up your body.

Leave for a little while to do the wonder and wash with warm water. Enjoy!

Babushka's Recipe for tired face

Ingredients: Mix equal amount of Raw Cacao, Grounded in blender Organic Oats and Lemon Juice to create paste. Caffeine from cacao tightens skin and antioxidants and Lemon juice will brighten your skin. Apply to clean face, gently scrub, leave for 15 min or more till its dried, wash it off with warm water, apply your favourite moisturiser. Enjoy

Lip scrub with honey

Ingredients: 1tsp of honey with 1/2 tsp of brown sugar and 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oils ,

Method: mix it together and here you have it - your very own lip scrub (it’s one of the essential beauty routine, if you like your lips shiny, fresh and plump).

Do it once a week and see the difference