What do we do?

Kalinka Skin Care is a luxury handmade range of creams, moisturisers, serums  and oils for all skin types. we create powerful cocktails of active organic and pure natural ingredients for younger, healthier looking skin. Kalinka is determined to bring you 100% organic, nontoxic and age defying skincare without the use of harsh chemicals for beautiful skin at any age.

The Story

I have started at the tender age of 45+ when I discovered that making lotions and potions was more than hobby for me and instead I realised that it was more of a passion. A passion for pure, efficient and quality skincare. Being born in Eastern Europe, the women in my family had so many tricks for healing and beautifying skin with herbs, oils and flower infusions, that it made sense to "bottle" these little miracles and introduce them to people who want to know what is in their skincare.

After doing extensive research on what's in most commercial formulas, it was hard to find something without paraben, harsh synthetics, fragrance, formadehyde, SLS, etc. Prolonged use of skin care full of these chemicals has been linked to many health problems, not to mention that some of there are carcinogens. So why take a risk?

Why Kalinka?

Skin is the largest organ in our body, it breathes, absorbs, reproduces - its almost a living creature of its own. It is a well-known fact that what we put inside our bodies can affect the health and condition of our skin, so why not to treat the surface the same way? . After extensive research and lots of reading I had a rough idea where to start.
With the support and encouragement from my wonderful husband I was able to start my adventure straight away. Gradually I have altered some ready-made recipes of basic moisturisers to suit my very own skin needs. It took a lot more than a few attempts until I was happy with the results and after a long and exiting process I can proudly say that I am using my very own Kalinka Skin Care Products and couldn’t be happier with it. With help, support and feedback from my friends and family I was able to put together a range of products suitable for all skin types.
At Kalinka Skincare we strive to formulate highly effective products that won't harm your health of the environment.
Our skin is wonderful as its amazing. My own experience helped me to treat it with love, respect and care it deserves and I cant wait to share this knowledge with you.

Kalinka Skin Care. Handmade with Love