Kalinka Skin Care is a Luxury Bespoke range of Handmade moisturisers and oils for all skin types. Its a powerful cocktail of active organic and pure natural ingredients for younger, healthier looking skin, offering you nourishing care to help you fight every day signs of ageing and was created to bring you the knowledge of what exactly is going to your face, hands and body.

I have started at the tender age of 45+ when we all want a little miracle to happen every time we plaster on our precious faces some highly recommended and advertised creams, lotions and butters from the high street. So we use it and wait…and wait…and wait. In my case the miracle didn’t happened after using some very expensive and exclusive creams for decades.

I have started researching the internet to find out what exactly is going into our facial creams, because frankly, all you need to healthy skin is to keep it cleaned, toned, moisturised and rejuvenated.

I was ready to learn, willing to listen and experiment. After extensive research and lots of reading I had a rough idea where to start. With the support and encouragement from my wonderful husband I was able to start my adventure straight away. Gradually I have altered some ready-made recipes of basic moisturisers to suit my very own skin needs. It took a lot more than a few attempts until I was happy with the results and after a long and exiting process I can proudly say that I am using my very own Kalinka Skin Care Products and couldn’t be happier with it. With help, support and feedback from my friends and family I was able to put together a range of products suitable for all skin types.

Our skin is wonderful as its amazing. My own experience helped me to treat it with love, respect and care it deserves and I cant wait to share this knowledge with you.

Kalinka Skin Care. Handmade with Love!!