M G Lavender Tonic Water

Refresh your face with this toner after a long day. Rose Water is a natural anti-ageing agent and helps to tighten up the pores, leaving skin feeling loved and cherished. Aloe Vera is well known for wonderful hormone balancing and healing effects. Great for calming down sudden flushes.

 My goal? Fight the signs of ageing skin and keep it glowing for as long as possible. We love to believe in miracle potions and lotions which will make us younger and wrinkle free but in our age we are wise enough to see through the hype. But that is not to say that we can’t have radiant and fabulous looking skin as we age. So I’ve decided to take the matter in my own hands and the 
Maturing Gracefully Range was born. All the products are handmade with organic and natural ingredients and you in mind!

Product Ingredients
*Lavender Water, *Rose Water, *Geranium Water, *Aloe Vera Concentrate


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